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We help Build - Brand and Scale Online Coaches

Legacy Mastermind

100% about helping you dominate your niche online. We do this by inserting you into our success ecosystem where you have access to our private course/members area, exclusive support community, and our extensive team of experienced coaches and marketers.

  • Fast Track Results - we've tested 1:1 vs group coaching and people with a 1:1 coach had a 78% Higher Success rate.

  • Personalized Guidance - Everything is tailored to you and your businesses specific needs. NOT a cookie cutter template.

  • Problem Solving - Helping identify and overcome obstacles, offering strategies and solutions.

  • Confidence Building - Boosting confidence and destroying limiting beliefs while fostering a positive mindset for success.

  • Goal Setting - Assist in setting clear, attainable goals and creating a roadmap to achieve each one of them.

  • Stress Reduction - Saving time and frustration by helping you navigate and speed up growth.

  • Results Oriented - Focused on attaining measurable outcomes maximizing success.

  • Networking - Connecting you with valuable resources and contacts in your field and industry.


Whats Next?

The first step of the process is to hold a free discovery call with one of our online success coaches. During this session our coaches will find out a little more about you, discuss with you how our program works, and determine if we’d be a good fit to work together.

If we feel we can help your business, you’ll be moving on to our next step which is enrolling in Legacy Mastermind. This isn’t cheap, please be prepared for that. As you’ll see, we have an entire team devoted to our clients and we invest a lot of time and resources into you. This is not a course, you’re literally joining a team and an ongoing process of development.

If You Don't Qualify for Legacy Mastermind..

We have multiple programs and offers so even if your not a good fit for our mastermind, we won't let you fail by doing it on your own. Best place to start is by booking a call and going over things.


I Teach Methods That Work, Period!

If you follow me online you know that I’ve built a 7-figure online fitness business,

helping customers get healthy and lose weight.
What you may not know is I then went on to build

ANOTHER 7-figure business where I helped online trainers

create high-ticket online businesses for themselves.

I am one of the small handful of coaches in the industry that has done BOTH B2C and B2B.

  • Over $50 Million Dollars in Annual Sales

  • Thousands of Clients Around the World

  • Proven System that Gets Results

  • Proven B2C & B2B Success

Starting an Online Business Doesn't have to be Complicated...

Especially When You Have Support At Every level

  • Landing your 1st online client

  • $0-$10k months

    • Learn skill sets to increase revenue

    • Fast track recurring monthly revenue

    • A-Z business blueprint for foundation

    • Apps and Tools to automate client fulfillment as much as possible

  • $10k-$30k months

    • Earn back time by building a team "Who to Hire and What to Hire out First"

    • Learn volume skills to increase revenue

    • Back office and Close holes to maximize

  • $50k-$100k months

    • Start the transition into an actual company

    • Financial advisor help and taxes

    • Map to scale fast

    • Paid Ads strategy to move the needle

  • $100k+ Months

    • Dustin works with these clients 1:1 to scale to 1 million a month

No Matter If Your Just Launching or Ready to Scale.. We have a Proven System that Works

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